About us

Welcome to our website. As Plukkebol’s general manager I would like share the story of our beautiful family business with you.

Up to this day my mother’s mother, Grandma Plukkebol, still calls her two daughters – my Aunt Maria and my mother, Anja – ‘Pluk’ and ‘Bolletje’. They founded Plukkebol in 1987 with the help and support of my father, Hans. Maria and Anja wanted to offer the type of childcare that they wanted for their own children. Lovely big rooms to play in, a safe and clean place to stay. A place where every child would feel secure, safe and loved, and – above all – could have lots of fun. They wanted the centre to have a homely and warm atmosphere. In 2008, Plukkebol passed on to the second generation, and Rob Vullings and I took over the general management. Rob has a degree in hotel management and his experience in the hotel industry makes him very focused on providing the best possible service. He is responsible for planning, marketing and finance. After graduating from the Educational and Social Assistance degree programme, I worked in several educational organisations. I also greatly enjoyed working at the Dutch children’s helpline, first as a volunteer and later on as a professional. I was eleven when Plukkebol first opened its doors. I am responsible for the educational aspects and the management of the employees. Today, the ideas of Pluk and Bolletje and their many years’ experience are still the foundation for the distinctive childcare Plukkebol offers. About 265 children are trusted to our care every day. Together with our team of 80 experienced and involved employees, we provide high standard childcare that is beneficial for your children and is a valuable addition to their upbringing at home.

Take your time to familiarise yourself with childcare. Do not only visit our centres, but also some of the other childcare centres in the area. This will help you to make the best choice for your child and yourself.

Mark Siep general manager