25 years of Plukkebol

In 2012 Plukkebol celebrated its 25th anniversary! To celebrate this memorable moment we organised a Plukkebol Parade in Theater De Veste on Saturday, 15 September 2012.

It was an afternoon filled with theatre, music and wonderful workshops. For the babies we planned mini concerts and the infants got to play in the theatrical playground. The toddlers went looking for Rabbit with actors from the drama group Max, and the older children could choose to go and see a play or try their hand at acting during the open stage. There was dancing, face painting and all sorts of yummy food to eat. In the knitting café the children could join in with arts and crafts and when they needed to wind down, the story teller in the reading lounge was the best place to be. Theater De Veste was under Plukkebol’s spell the entire day!