We would really like to hear from you if you are dissatisfied about anything, be it about the care of your child or Plukkebol’s service. In most cases, it is advisable to discuss your issues with the relevant person directly – the educational employee or the location manager. It goes without saying that our director, Mark Siep, is available to discuss your complaint. Contact Mark.

Internal complaints procedure

In line with the Wet Kinderopvang (Childcare Act), Plukkebol Kinderopvang has an internal complaints procedure that regulates how complaints from parents are registered and handled.

The complaints procedure (PDF)

External complaints procedure

Should the internal complaints procedure not lead to a satisfactory solution, parents may contact the Klachtloket Kinderopvang (Dutch Counter for Child care complaints) in The Hague for information, advice and mediation. They may also file a complaint at the Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang (Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Board). Both websites have a brief summary in English[CCT1] .

Website Klachtenloket Kinderopvang
Website Geschillencommissie

Complaints procedure annual report

Read what has happened over the past year in relation to the complaints for parents and the Parents Committee in our annual report.

Annual report 2017 (PDF) (only available in dutch)

Parents Committee

The Parents Committee was closely involved in bringing about the internal complaints procedure for parents.

The Parents Committee can file complaints about applying the right to advice directly at the Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang (Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Board). In these cases, the Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang only checks if the childcare organization has acted reasonably.