All our children feel safe and secure at Plukkebol, which gives them the freedom and confidence to develop to the full. Plukkebol sets itself apart by its development focussed approach which means that children at the childcare centre are placed in groups of children of roughly the same age. The out-of-school care has separate groups for younger and older children. This approach enables us to meet the children’s age-specific needs.

Parents feel secure about leaving their children in our care. We invest in maintaining good relationships with parents and as a result, parents feel connected to our childcare services. The educational employees and the parents keep each other informed about the children.

Our employees pride themselves on being involved, experienced and putting the children’s needs first at all times. Each of them is specialised in a certain age group and they continuously work on developing their professional knowledge. Our employees are customer-focussed, understand children’s needs and how to meet them, and sincere in their involvement. Every group has three regular educational employees, which means the children will always see familiar faces.

The spacious areas are safe and clean. The rooms are colourful and beautiful, full of atmosphere and designed with the children’s development in mind. Toys and other materials are safe and give the children plenty of incentive to play. We try to use the large, fenced playground with trees and lots of plants as much as possible. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services in a sound manner and with the contribution of parents and employees. Our procedures and rules are clear. In terms of organisational management, we aim at financial stability and high quality employees, services and facilities.