National Childcare Register

In order to receive childcare allowance, you need to pass Plukkebol’s registration number on the National Childcare Register to the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Every childcare centre, organisation for out-of-school care, childminding agency and childminder that complies with the requirements set by the Childcare Provisions Act is registered in the National Childcare Register. Parents are only entitled to childcare allowance if they use childcare that is listed in this register.

When applying for childcare allowance, the Dutch Tax Authorities will need the registration number of the childcare you use. For your convenience you will find the registration numbers of Plukkebol in the following list.

Plukkebol registration numbers National Childcare Register

Raamstraat daycare 182074572
Raamstraat out-of-school care 222113455
Van Embdenstraat daycare 188214471
Rotterdamseweg out-of-school care 206570508
Cornelis Musius out-of-school care 227486857