Pedagogical policy

Our policy describes the pedagogical climate at Plukkebol. It explains what parents can expect and count on.

Plukkebol’s pedagogical vision

Plukkebol is designed in such a way that the children get all the space they need to develop safely and securely in their own way. We wish to provide a safe environment, created by adults, where all the children feel free to be themselves and are looked at and listened to with love and respect. By providing a solid foundation for the child development, we provide each child the opportunity to develop their talents, qualities and creative skills to the fullest.

The Plukkebol house

The Dutch Childcare Provisions Act describes four objectives for the development of each child. We translated these objectives into the so-called Plukkebol house.

Plukkebol huis

Emotional security

Only when children feel safe and secure will they start exploring the world around them. As this first objective is of such importance, everything we do at Plukkebol is done with providing this safe environment in mind - our pedagogical policy, the group composition, the design and maintenance of the building and the dedication of our staff.

Personal and social competences

One of the most important ways children develop is through play. By facilitating, guiding and enriching this we work on the children’s personal and social competences - the second and third objective. We make sure the environment and the way the children are guided is set up in such a way that they get to play to their heart’s content while learning at the same time. The children will flourish, learn about themselves, their abilities and those of the other children and about the world around them.

Values and standards

Our fourth objective is teaching the children about values and standards - becoming familiar with the ‘culture’ of the society the children live in. Together the children, parents and Plukkebol form a triangle that is built on trust. We are connected by our desire to provide the best possible development for the children. By discussing our cultures, values and standards we can learn from each other. All Plukkebol staff have an open mind. We respect the parents’ cultural, religious and personal choices, but follow our pedagogical policy when it comes to working with and caring for the children. We are professionals and will use our knowledge and experience at all times. We see ourselves as an equal partner that contributes to the upbringing of the children.

More about the pedagogical policy

Our pedagogical policy describes the framework that guides Plukkebol. Every decision concerning the children is compared to this framework. Having fun and enjoying yourself is something that comes naturally to us, making Plukkebol a lovely environment for our staff, parents, but most of all the children.

Plukkebol - reliable, involved and active!