A safe, clean and peaceful environment with employees that lovingly care for your child, keeping his or her schedule in mind. This is what you want for your baby, and this is exactly what you will find in the Plukkebol baby group. Our employees are specially trained in caring for babies, and the group room is equipped with great play materials that stimulate their development.

You’ll be given your bottle in the arms of one of our employees and as all our groups have floor heating, it will be nice and warm when you start crawling. Who’s that smiling baby in the mirror on the wall? And when you are a little bit older, you can eat some bread with the other infants at the table. The room has several play mats and other soft materials on the floor. Babies discover the world around them by feeling, smelling and tasting. This means that we clean their group rooms even more thoroughly. The smallest babies play safely in a playpen or in one of the play gyms.

We have a separate outside playing area for the babies, screened off safely from the other children’s playing area. Our employees also take the babies for a walk in our special baby daycare stroller in the direct vicinity of the daycare centre.

The bedrooms are adjacent to the group room, enabling our employees to keep a close eye on the children when they are in their cots. Each child sleeps in the same cot in a personal sleeping bag with a cuddly toy every time he or she is at daycare.

We provide bread, fruit, yoghurt and diapers (Pampers). The only thing we ask you to bring is formula, expressed milk or porridge/cereal. Plukkebol makes the conscious choice to give babies the same food at daycare as they get at home – it is a familiar smell and taste. 

A baby group has three permanent educational employees, two of whom work in the group every day. Together they look after about nine children aged zero to one year old. The educational employees consciously choose to work with babies and are specialised in this age group. They are supported by an assistant who carries out tasks such as preparing the fruit and meals.

The educational employee will take the time to discuss your wishes and what you would like for your baby. Every morning and afternoon, when you drop off or collect your child, there will be enough time to go over anything relevant. If you would like a more private meeting with one of our employees to discuss your child, please feel free to let us know.