Group names

The groups all have their own special names. Two different animals make one new animal and what makes them even more special is that they only exist at Plukkebol.

van Embdenstraat





Nice to meet you, my name is Ipla. Turtle and lama. Baby group.  

My name is Gino and I am half giraffe, half dinosaur. One of the baby groups bears my name.





Baby group: Larijn is part hippo, part bee.


  Ilak, half snail, half turtle. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in kindness. You can find me in the baby group.




Infant group: horse and duck, that is mee, Dara.



Infant group: Anor is my name. I'm somewhere between a kangaroo and a squirrel.





Infant group: Volan, fox and snake. Nice to meet you!



Ezan is the name of the infant group. If you cross a donkey with a goose, you'll get an animal like Ezan.


olpe_landscape   zebijn_landscape
Combine a bird and a shell and you'll get Olpe. Toddler group.   Zebijn. Rabbit and zebra. I live with the toddlers.



Hi! I'm Vliz, a butterfly seahorse, and live with the pre-schoolers.

  Meow, blub..... My name is Zoes, part cat and part starfish.

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