Let’s go outdoors!

Lots of time outdoors. This is an essential part of a day at Plukkebol. We try to bring the babies outdoors as much as possible, and the older children at least every day.

Snoezelen garden 

A snoezelen garden is a multi-sensory garden and the babies have their own snoezelen garden. It has fragrant herbs and flowers and a soft surface which simply invites crawling on. The babies have their own safe place, cordoned off from the bigger children.

Natural playground

The infants and toddlers have a wonderful green garden which they can explore safely. The water play area  is definitely a favourite – the children love messing around with sand and water! And they can feel the textures of all the different materials on the barefoot path. They enjoy exploring the kitchen garden with all its colours and finding out what is growing and blooming. Everyone helps look after the kitchen garden – watering, planting and harvesting. And then there’s the weeping willow tunnel which leads to a different world. A small staircase leads up to the playhouse and … whoosh, down the slide! The inflatable paddling pools are not only very refreshing in the summer, but they are a source of lots of water fun and games. The bicycles and carts are used all year round.

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The importance of nature play

Nature play is when children play in a natural green environment. Nature can shape and have an impact on children. Several scientific studies show that playing in a natural environment is of fundamental importance for the development of children of all ages. Nature stimulates, challenges and gives children the space to let their imaginations run wild. It also subconsciously encourages the children to move.

Plukkebol’s gardens were designed by Bureau RIS l Ruimtelijke Inrichting & Speelnatuur (‘spatial design & nature play’).

Out and about

The babies and the older children go out in the neighbourhood in the prams and carts. It’s fun to go for a walk and feed the ducks in the park. The toddlers also use the Stint, an electric cart. Just whizz over to the library to pick up some new books or go shopping in the market in Delft.

Overalls and rubber boots

Because at Plukkebol we want the children to enjoy playing outdoors all year round, we have special waterproof overalls and rubber boots for all the children. There is no such thing as bad weather!

Plukkebol parents can purchase outdoor clothing and other fine items with attractive discounts from our regular supplier Chick-a-Dees. Log in at "Mijn Plukkebol" for more information.

Westerhonk playground

Plukkebol’s location on the Raamstraat has its own entrance to the Westerhonk playground. Plukkebol has a special arrangement with this playground which means that our pre-schoolers can play there every day, even when the playground is closed to the public. There are swings, a cableway, slides, a giant train and lots more.

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UV policy

Everyone loves the sun, but we also need to protect ourselves. We make sure that there is enough shade and apply sun protection to the children whenever necessary.

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