“No, I’m not going to Plukkebol, I’m a pre-schooler now”. Being a pre-schooler is a very special period in children’s lives. Bigger than all the other kids and nearly ready to go to primary school. During this period we use various games to prepare the children for school. The pre-school development programme is different at the two Plukkebol locations.

At the Raamstraat, two educational employees look after eighteen three and four year olds, both pre-schoolers and the youngest of the school age children. The pre-schoolers are there for the entire day and are joined by the older school-going children in the afternoon. The pre-school group is adjacent to the out-of-school care facility and this allows the pre-school children to gradually get to know their new group room. The transition from daycare to primary school and out-of-school-care will thus be as smooth as possible. Pre-schoolers take part in the out-of-school-care holiday programme. 

We organise special pre-school activities for the eight oldest children of both toddler groups at the Van Embdenstraat location. Every week we visit our out-of-school care at Hudito (Rotterdamseweg) or visit another place such as the Westerhonk playground. These visits take place on a different day each week and always in the morning when the children from the out-of-school care are still at school.

Both pre-school groups work with themed programmes, based on the children’s perception of the world around them. The daily programme is filled with fun activities and the arts and crafts assignments stimulate the children’s natural creativity. This will surely be useful when they go to primary school!

Most pre-schoolers do not sleep during the day anymore, but if they do need a nap, they can take one in the afternoon.

When preparing the children for their transition to primary school, we try to give them a feeling of emotional security. At Plukkebol they are valued for who they are and their abilities and interests. Standing up for themselves and taking someone else’s feelings into account are part of this as well. Our educational employees encourage these behaviours and assist the children where necessary. We are very proud to say that we are able to send them off to primary school well-prepared. We hope you’ll have good time!