Building and outside area

The two out-of-school care groups both have their own group room of about 80 m2 each. Iger is the name of the group with the younger out-of-school care children, aged between four and about six or seven. The room was specially designed for this age group and has various activity corners where the children can play with dolls, run a shop or play hairdresser with the make-up heads. The room also has a wooden playhouse. The other Plukkebol room in the pavilion is for Plik, the out-of-school care group for older children aged up to thirteen years. All sorts of toys, including Kapla, table football and a Wii, are available for the children to play with.

Both groups can use the spacious children’s kitchen that is located between the two group rooms. Hudito has another large room on the second floor that can be used by Plukkebol for special activities. This large room is very convenient should the weather prevent us from playing outside.

Our employees regularly organise sports and other outdoor activities on the field, which is reserved for Plukkebol, opposite the out-of-school care entrance. The playground, which is located between the field and the entrance, is another outside area we often use. All in all, there is plenty of space for the children to play outside or do sports, both on their own or under the supervision of one of our employees.

Hudito membership and discount

A Hudito membership is available to all Plukkebol children. A Plukkebol employee will bring the children to the team coach before practice starts and will also collect them afterwards. The oldest children can travel to and from the practice by themselves, but only in consultation with our employees. For those children interested in a Hudito membership, Plukkebol offers a € 120 discount per child on the annual membership fee. The conditions for the Plukkebol discount can be found here

Stickstof, the magazine published by Hudito, did a lovely article on Plukkebol (only available in Dutch).