Van Embdenstraat



This new Plukkebol location opened its doors in May 2010. The rooms are spacious, clean and safe, filled with interesting, durable and sustainable toys and beautiful furniture. They offer the children all the space they need to play to their hearts’ content. The new childcare centre measures 840 square metres indoors and it has a 600 square metre outdoor area, making it considerably larger than the standard set for childcare. The location houses two baby groups, two infant groups, a toddler group and a pre-school group. The groups’ rooms are spacious and are specially equipped for each child development phase. All groups are situated in a wide central play hall, which is at the heart of the building and provides extra space for the infants and toddlers to play when the weather prevents us from playing outside. 

Natural playground

The building itself is surrounded by a large playground with trees, for shade on sunny days, and plants. Here they can go down the slide, cycle around on bicycles and toy tractors, or play with bigger toys.There is a sandbox and a playhouse with a slide. The babies have their own outside area, safely fenced off from the rest of the outside area where the older children play. The entire garden is surrounded by a fence, separating it from the public area around the childcare centre. We are very proud of this beautiful location!

More about our natural playground

Bicycle tunnel gives easy access to Emerald neighbourhood

The IJsmeestertunnel bicycle tunnel, that lies below the A13 highway, is very convenient for cycling from Plukkebol to Emerald in Delfgauw.