Group names

The groups all have their own special names. Two different animals make one new animal and what makes them even more special is that they only exist at Plukkebol. The animals were designed by Annemarike van Egmond, who painted them and gave them their names. In Dutch, their names are a combination of the two names. Ezan, for instance, comes from EZel (donkey) and gANs (goose). Each name was paired with a group and their images can be found not only on the entrance door of the group room, but also on many other things connected to their groups. 







If you cross a mouse with a tiger, you'll get an animal like Iger. I stay with the younger out-of-school- care children.


Bopo: billy goat meets poodle! The group for the youngest out-of-school care children. 




Plik: chicken and lion. Eldest out-of-school care children.


Praan: horse and rooster. Youngest out-of-school care children.






Octa:Pleased to meet you! My name is Octa and I am half octopus and half monkey. I am middle-aged. 






 Walui: I am Walui, half whale, half owl. Just like my friend Octa, I belong to the 6 and 7 year olds.






 Kigo: And I am Kigo. I am cool. Am I more frog or gecko? The oldest out-of-school care children.

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