Our centre at the Raamstraat has a special group for the ten oldest out-of-school care children: Kigo+

They have their own grown-up area with:

  • a work-bench with all kinds of tools for technical workshops;
  • a sewing studio with sewing machines, fabric and wool for textile activities;
  • a children’s kitchen for the children’s cooking corner;
  • a great lounge area to relax from the day at school;
  • and, last but not least, our educational employee Ingrid who joins the children in all the fun and exciting activities.

During the holidays Hasar+ provides activities and trips as well. During the Plukkebol summer camp the children will get to sleep in their own tent and they will take care of the camp fire for the other children.

Kogo+ makes sure that the out-of-school care is fun for the older children - from start to end!