Swimming lessons at Plukkebol

At the Rotterdamsweg location, parents can choose if they would like their children to have swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons on Monday afternoons

  • For beginners and advanced swimmers.
  • The lessons are held at the Zwem- en Squashcentrum Delft on the Clara van Sparwoudestraat. One of our own staff members is responsible for the transport to the swimming pool and, if necessary, helps the children dress.
  • Beginners (green and red group) - 16:30-17:30.
  • Advanced (blue, yellow and orange group) - 17:30-18:30.

The beginners will be brought back to the Rotterdamsweg location, arriving at Plukkebol at about 17:50. Parents of the advanced children need to collect their children from the swimming pool at 18:30.

Children may start swimming lessons at 4½ years old. Apart from during the summer holidays, the lessons are once a week. Parents may come to watch the lesson during a fixed 15 minute period in each lesson. Swimming exams are done on Saturdays.

Naturally, Plukkebol has a varied alternative programme for the children who do not go to swimming lessons.

Fees and registration charges

A 5 lesson pass costs € 70. Plukkebol buys a pass for each child, and takes care of the administration and communication with the swimming pool. The pass is valid for six weeks. This means that your child may miss one lesson out of five at the most. When you have used up all five lessons, we will make sure that the pass is updated with the next series of five lessons.

Children starting swimming lessons for the first time pay a registration charge of € 23 plus € 5 for the pass. You do not need to pay the registration charge if your child is already taking lessons at one of the two Delftse Sportfondsenbaden swimming pools and you decide to continue the lessons through Plukkebol. Plukkebol will charge parents any costs incurred for the swimming lessons.

If you have any questions, or if you wish to register your child, please contact us. We will check starting dates with the swimming pool and get back to you. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list at the swimming pool. It is therefore important to apply early.